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movies, and health

well got my blood work back. Looks like its all in the ok. good news.

Had my bday friday, but sat we had a small get toghether at the house. It went really well, Kel prepped a load of good food, and it was all in all very laid back. Its nice to have people over, and to have space for it.

Kel got me an ipad which has been pretty cool, and a small webber grill. the grill has been a lot of fun to use.


El Dorado : Howard Hawks directing John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. This movie is freaking great. Good pacing, great story telling, with just the minimum of dialogue to set up the characters. The only stinker in the film, and it reeks, is a scene with James Caan being a total racist pretending to be chinese to distract a guard. It reeks because there is such a set-up for another character to use a bow and arrow (several lines through out the film about fighting the indians) and a need to be quiet when taking out the guard. The bow and arrow are given several nods in the build up. The dude even lines up the shot. There are no other chinese characters in the film, no mention of any in the small town, and James Cann is so well lit in the scene that no one would mistake him for being anything up the enemy cowboy they are looking for. Caan pushes the bow and arrow guy aside and Puts a black flower pot bottom on his head, bucks his teeth out and makes "ching chong" sounds. It's shocking to see, makes no sense, and HAS to be Caan trying to get more screen time.

I've seen Caan do the same racist bit in killer elite. A film where he mistakes Japanese for Chinese over and over again. I think he just thought it was funny or something. really freakin lame.

great film otherwise, just brace for the 40 secs and pretend it didn't happen.

brush pen

colored this one up this evening.


went to the doctor today for a physical....the first one I've had....er...ever.

my arm is sore from the blood work and the tetnus shot. gah.

did this drawing though,....woot


So I've been on this kick where I find an actor or director I like and try and see all the stuff they've done. Tivo makes this a looot easier than it sounds. usually one leads to another (lee marvin in point blank led to the killers, which goes to don seigel which led to black windmill which lead to michael caine which leads to the gamble etc. )

anyways, as I get further down the list of films they always get tougher to find. Been buying a lot of imports and bootlegs just to find some of these things. It looks like someone at warner bros realized this and they are doing this warner achieve thing. its web only dvd ordering, which are bare bones, but you can at least get some of the mgm catalog. its not quite there yet as there aren't that many up yet. hmmm.

anyways, I found "Chandler" which is a 1971 warren oates film that is sort of about Raymond Chandler as a Detective. Its a lot like Altmans take in the long good bye. The detective is in modern day, but seems as if he just woke up there. a man out of his time. While Altman did an amazing job with it, Chandler just sort of stumbles until its sort of lost....and then it keeps wandering. Real shame to, as it starts out pretty good (there is some really over the top dialogue that is laying the plot, but the over all flavor of the Raymond Chandler books feels good) I really dug the build up of the washed up detective collecting debts, getting his gun back from the pawn shop, and gearing up for one final job. but... then it just doesn't know where to go. ... still, I'm glad I got to see it.

so damn sore

I did something really funky to my shoulder. gah. just a steady pain, coupled with sinus problems and depression I'm quite a mess. but you know me, I can't complain.

Did some sketching, even though its like pulling teeth to draw anything. I've got a ton of stuff I need to draw and yet I keep going to bed at like 10pm. gah

watched Donovans Reef. Real light John Ford fare, Lee Marvin is fun in it, but John Wayne is a pleasure to watch in this one. Something I've noticed in older american films is the confusion of Japanese with Chinese, this film barely dodges it, not as bad as some, but it always kind of bugs me....

Also saw two for the SeeSaw with Robert Mitchum. Real fun dialog, even if its a romantic comedy from the 60s. Some amazing shots of new york in 62, and a really clever split set effect for the phone calls. I really find lately I can't get enough of certain actors, Mitchum is one.

Roberts bday

Went to the clockbar in union sq for Roberts bday last night. Most of shaba turned out which was a lot of fun.

Today I went to lunch with frenton and some toys from bob folk.

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well we went into the city for mothersday. had lunch at the franciscan down at the warf, then it was off to Mortons for diner in Union Sq. over all it was a good time with some old friends.

I picked up a bunch of old video game stuff from Robert earlier in the week. Dreamcast, saturn, and genesis dev kits, a GD-ROM burner with a bunch of discs, an Apple II GS, and some other odds and ends. Been fun digging through it all.

my launch PS3 died on me, I took it apart to clean the laser and was met by several dog hairs. I miss the monkey, and I know I will be finding his hair in odd places for the rest of my life. alas, the removal of said hair did not fix the problem, I ordered a new laser, with a little luck it'll work out.

hmmm. movies.

I watched Duffy, a really trippy Heist film from the 60s with James Coburn. I bought a bootleg of it (not sure why soooo many columbia pictures from the 60s and 70s aren't in print) the copy I got was actually off of AMC so I suppose patience does pay off with the old Tivo. It's got some neat bits in it, and Coburn holds a weak script together with shear star power. It's also kind of drug induced at times...

Also finally saw "the shooting". I liked it so much I hunted down a DVD copy. Super low Budget Warren Oates, Millie Perkins, Will Hutchins and Jack Nicholson. While Jack gets top billing, the film is really all about Warren, Will and Millie, who is really easy on the eyes. One of those movies that has a punchline that is only 2 seconds long, and its at the very end. Not sure when I began liking westerns so darn much. must be getting old.

drawing done for a trade


Going to keep this post short. Don't really want to talk to much about it, but its been the main thing on my mind over the last week.

My dog and best friend has passed away. I think about him constantly. He wasn't in pain, and he had a damn good and long life. doesn't make it any easier though. I miss him so much.

Not much more to say on the subject.

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