the split : Jim Brown

well its been awhile sense I posted anything about older films I've been watching.

I found a copy of "the split" which has an all star cast (well at least to me it does) and is a heist film to boot(I love heist films)

I was surprised to see its based on a richard stark novel (Jim Brown actually play Parker, the same character that Lee Marvin Plays in Point Blank, and Mel Gibson in Payback)

Its not the strongest film, with a silly testing of the crew before they are recruited, and the lack of anyone trying to mask their faces, but the pacing is solid, the music enjoyable, and over all I had a really good time seeing some of my favorite actors in a new to me film.


comic-con 2011

well comic-con came and went and I somehow survived it all. Sales were smaller per item for me from last year, but I had more stuff and somehow made more money. go figure. still not going to quite my day job=)

It was a long drive down, 10 hours, but I left like 4 in the morning and avoided most of the traffic. I actually got diner before preview night instead of after (which last year left me with few food options) Preview night is a mixed bag for me. It allows me to get set up without the crowds, but then its always slow sales wise as people tend to be looking to see what they might buy in the coming days.

Thats always an odd bit to. People see something they like, decide that they have days to come back for it, probably intend to come back for it, and then as the days go on, they forget and/or just can't find me again. It doesn't help that the small press tables are numbered separate from the isle number system. (isle 1500, but table L10, having just the "L10" part wouldn't help you one bit as you look up and only see isle numbers and most people cover over the signs that have the table Letters)

The tables are compressed together tighter than at Wondercon. at Wondercon you can actually get in and out of your booth without having to move behind your neighbor. Comic-Con they had the tables tight so the guys in the middle of the row have to do the bugs bunny routine (pardon me, scuse me, etc) as they crawl over and around all of the adjacent booths.

This year they had the exhibitors wear wristbands that you weren't supposed to remove for the entire con(and they were made in such a way that you couldn't pull them off without destroying them). I think it was to cut down on the fake exhibitor badges, or to prevent exhibitors from swapping badges with a normal badge and going to the exclusive line up stuff before others could get onto the show floor.


-Seeing the building rogues gallery of con friends I seem to be amassing.
-talking to Terry Dodson
-talking to Phil Noto
-having Terry Moore look at my stuff (he didn't buy anything, but he looked for awhile. thats got to be good sign right??)
-seeing the rifftrack guys perform
-having cool neighbors

weird moments

-"did you name your company 17machine because my favorite number is 17?"
-"do you have any watchman stuff?"

overall it went well and gave me a lot of inspiration to get off my rear and do more drawing!



Well I'm back from India. It was a three week trip filled with adventure, illness, more adventure, and yes more illness.

I'll post pictures and impressions later

2 days after we got back I did wondercon. the exhaustion would have been hard enough, but add to that the delhi belly and I was really on the ropes.

Chuck came out and gave much needed firesupport at the table.

Then it was back to work, which is an odd feeling, lots of little projects with lots of small tasks. been trying to watch tutorial videos in the down time to get something more out of all this.

comic -con

Well I survived Comic-Con 2010. I had a Table in Small Press, and over all it went really smoothly.
I had so much help running the table that it was a breeze. The down side, I got totally sick on the second day and spent most of the con just trying to maintain. No parties for me, as it was a chore to just stay awake, much less going and getting boozed up.

Having the cold had me miss the couple of panels I wanted to hit (as I slept in and let Chuck, the writer, cover the table in the morning) I also bailed on my plan to approach Marvel, DC, etc with a portfolio. I just didn’t have the energy to do it.

Nothing radioactive happened, all the fans seemed pretty mellow for the most part. So no really funny stories there. I did get a chance to hang our with some fans from deviant art which was cool.

I tried to hit the drink and draw Thursday, but the band was crazy loud, so we bailed on that after maybe an hour.

As to Loot, I did get the Native Drums Shirts printed and they came out pretty cool. I’ll post all the stuff I had for sale with prices here soon. Anyone that wants stuff just shoot me an email, and I’ll send you the what not with a sketch.

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zombies and spys

Well I watched a couple of new films that I tracked down via imports.

Funeral in Berlin

This is the second Harry Palmer film, Its from Paramount which makes it that more odd that I can't find a copy in the US.

Very twisting and turning plot with real grounded action. I found the Berlin backdrop to be really bland, much more so than the Ipcress Files which had a few bursts of color and cooler locations. Still, Michael Caine really hits this one out of the park. I really enjoyed trying to follow the film as our hero just caught in the middle of several groups.

Sugar Hill

I read about this one in Cinema Retro and tracked it down. Way worth it, real fun revenge blaxploitation film with a zombie theme. There is a side story of a cop trying to figure out the plot that is painful to watch (he is just not adding anything to the film but to buffer the revenge scenes from happening to quickly) Over all I had a lot of fun watching this one.
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sketch for issue 3

Friday night went to Mortons in Union Sq and hung out till 1am. good times.

Sat went to San Jose and hung out with friends at the tattoo shop. Did this sketch while I was there.